master in economia dello sviluppo e cooperazione internazionale (mesci)


Master in Economia dello Sviluppo e Cooperazione Internazionale (MESCI)
Università di Tor Vergata- MESCI is an international post-graduate programme using an interdisciplinary methodology to development. It stands apart from other masters in this field in its practical approach to economic development, analysis of markets, institutions, and regulation by public and private agencies, in order to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace. The programme, which is taught in English, is based on the most recent economic theories on micro and macroeconomics, enabling students to acquire an in-depth understanding of economic development issues, to develop analytical skills and methods in applied research on poverty, inequality, labour, credit and gender issues. The methodology used is interactive and task-based giving students the opportunity to use their knowledge in practical situations. A two-month internship at the end of the programme (see list of available internships) allows participants to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge in renowned institutions, government and non-government bodies, etc.
MESCI is targeted to students and young professionals pursuing, or intending to embark on careers in international organizations, public and private companies engaged in international activities and non-governmental organizations.
Since its inception, this M.A. programme has enjoyed international recognition and attracts students worldwide.

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