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ALP_IS, le ALPI mostrano il pathos nei Sistemi Informativi

ALP_IS, a Mediterranean Information System ski-seminar an 'institute de hautes études', with a ludic/sport component.

The Alpine Information Systems seminar promoting the Social Study of Information Systems in the Mediterranean region and the emergence of a European/Mediterranean identity for the scientific community on Information Systems. What it is The ALP_IS ski-seminar will gather in four subsequent days quality contributions from young as well as established researchers in Information Systems of the area of the Mediterranean Sea: presentations and a lot of discussion from 3 to 7 pm, ski in the morning, in Carisolo (Trento). Goal To encourage young researchers in the field having accomplished something outstanding to present and discuss their work at ease with their peers, in an environment enriched by contributions of established senior researchers, thus promoting the emergence of a European – Mediterranean? – style in the social study of IS, possibly characterised by the prominence of pathos. Objective Promoting awareness and identity of a European approach to IS, particularly of a Southern European approach, confronted to the historic Nordic/Scandinavian Participatory Design/Socio-Technical approach, contrasted with the traditionally dominating Nord-American one, in accord with the aims of MCIS – the Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems. Themes The ALP_IS ski seminar will host four tracks: IT and Society; Change; IS design and Interaction Design. Visitate questo seminario nel cuore delle Alpi, puoi raggiungere il Trentino in un batter d'occhio ed immergerti nelle discipline riguardanti i sistemi informativi attorniato da un bellissimo paesaggio innevato.
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