master in navigation and related applications


Master in Navigation and Related Applications
Politecnico di Torino- Innovative, added-value services and applications strictly related to user positioning information are acquiring more and more importance due to the potential benefits for the world-wide community. Nowadays, civil users are able to fix their position on the basis of ranging signals broadcast by GPS satellites, but the problem is that GPS remains a military system and this fact limits the diffusion of potential services (with particular reference to critical and safety of life applications).
For this reason, the Galileo system which represents the European initiative in the field of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) will be a real boost for the introduction of navigation and positioning applications in the worldwide wireless mass-market. Galileo, fully deployed by 2008, is acquiring a large sharing; in fact countries like China and India and Latin America are expressing a strong interest in participating to Galileo definition, deployment and test. In addition, it has to be remarked that terrestrial locating systems based on wireless communication networks and the integration of GNSS signals with communication signals (e.g., WLAN and Galileo) will represent a natural way for the diffusion of navigation-related services. In the next future a substantial amount of skilled personnel will be engaged in production and management of innovative navigation-oriented applications.
At the same time, short time-to-market is becoming a must for companies engaged in the development of navigation hardware, services and applications, which require advanced technical skills as well as a broad vision of the navigation/localization technologies at large.
The Master in Navigation and Related Applications (MNA) is an effective answer to the work market demands in terms of high level technicians endowed with a broad vision of the navigation/localization world but also with specific skills.

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