master in trasmissione del calore, analisi dinamica


Master in Trasmissione del calore, Analisi dinamica e Controllo dei Sistemi Termomeccanici
Università di Tor Vergata- The MASTER has been activated since the Academic Year 1998-99. The students must attend theoretical and practical lectures, given by Italian and foreign researchers. Further on they have to attend special seminars given by experts of industry. The students must participate to experimental and numerical activities using some of the most diffuse numerical codes in the world.
The Course is divided in two parts. In the first one the lectures will concern: Applied Thermal and Fluid Dynamics; Thermal and Fluid Dynamics Measurements. In the second part the lectures will be relative to applications of thermal and fluid dynamics to: industrial processes at high temperatures, engines with solid propellants, engines for space, superconductivity, machines, internal combustion engines and environment.
The goals of the Master are: the preparation of an expert on topics of numerical and experimental fluid dynamics, the updating of the experts in thermal and fluid dynamics with the most recent techniques of numerical predictions and experimental measurements.

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