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Academic Year 2011/2012

General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning

1 Which of the following states is NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

A Japan

B France

C China

D United Kingdom


2 Which ancient Greek is referred to as the father of Western medicine?

A Hippocrates

B Aristotle

C Aristophanes

D Plato

E Socrates

3 Amnesty International (AI), a non-governmental organisation for the protection of human rights

enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, opposes the death penalty. Which one

of the following reasons for opposing the death penalty is inconsistent with the principles of AI.

A The death penalty is contrary to theological principles.

B The death penalty can be carried out on an innocent person.

C The death penalty is cruel, inhuman and degrading.

D The death penalty is not a deterrent against crime.

E The death penalty, once carried out, cannot be reversed. IMAT 2011 © UCLES 2011 2

4 Three red balls, three yellow balls and one green ball are placed in a bag and the bag is shaken.

I place my hand in the bag and pull out a red ball followed by a green ball. I do not replace

either ball.

Which one of the following statements is true?

A At least one of the next three balls must be yellow.

B The next ball will definitely be yellow.

C The next two balls cannot both be red.

D The next ball could be any one of red, yellow or green.

E At least one of the next three balls must be red.

5 My friend has three children, Alice, George and Hannah and I need to buy two presents for them

to share. I want to buy two different toys and I want to make sure that Alice, George and Hannah

will each like at least one of them. I don’t want the toys to have small parts.




Liked by


Liked by


Liked by



Jigsaw Yes No Yes Yes €12

Building bricks Yes Yes Yes No €9

Car No No No Yes €12

Bear No Yes No Yes €7

Train No No Yes No €8

How much am I going to pay in total?

A €15

B €16

C €19

D €20

E €24 IMAT 2011 © UCLES 2011 3

6 The number of visitors to the local swimming pool at different times on Wednesday last week is

recorded in this table:

Time Number of


8am – 10am 23

10am – 12 noon 41

12 noon – 2pm 35

2pm – 4pm 60

4pm – 6pm 40

6pm – 8pm 15

Which chart shows the data from the table?



E 4

7 The polis is the most important institutional expression of the classical Greek way of life. What

type of state is it?

A A city state

B A federal state

C A modern state

D A monarchical state

E A tyrannical state

8 Which set of statements about Dante Alighieri is correct?

A he was from Florence, wrote poetry, died before 1400

B he was from Milan, was born in the thirteenth century, died before 1400

C he was from Milan, was the son of Giulia Beccaria, wrote poetry

D he was from Tuscany, wrote poetry, was the son of Giulia Beccaria

E he was of noble family, was born in the fourteenth century, wrote tragedies

9 Which of the following is NOT true of the Enlightenment?


It was a cultural trend that spread across Europe, which emphasised the sovereignty

of the people, as a carrier of values.


It was a cultural trend that highlighted all the social and economic inequalities, and

paved the way for the French Revolution.

C It was a cultural trend that spread across Europe, mainly in France, in the early 1700s.


It was a cultural trend, according to which the only real art was rational,

understandable by all, and identified itself with Greek and Roman art.


It was a cultural trend that was based on the exaltation of reason that, eliminating any

irrational element of knowledge, by itself, revealed the truth without the help of the

transcendental realm. In France this lead to materialism and atheism. 5

10 Two security guards, Dave and Geoff, are patrolling an airbase. Dave passes the front gate

every 8 minutes. Geoff passes the front gate every 15 minutes. They have just set off on their

individual routes at the start of their shift.

How long will it be before they meet up at the front gate again?

A 2h 00mins

B 1h 30mins

C 1h 00mins

D 2h 30mins

E 3h 00mins

11 Employees at a printing company are paid a basic rate of €11 per hour during the day Monday

to Friday. During weekday evenings and on Saturdays they are paid at one and a half times the

basic rate and on Sundays they are paid at double the basic rate.

The table below shows the hours worked by employees last week:

Mon-Fri daytime

Mon-Fri evenings

and Saturdays Sundays

Alice 32 8 6

Ben 27 8 8

Chetan 36 8 2

Daniel 30 8 6

Ellen 35 8 4

Which employee earned most last week?

A Alice

B Ben

C Chetan

D Daniel

E Ellen 6

12 A teacher in a school for children from 11 to 16 years old sets a code number to unlock his

classroom door. He has a method for remembering his code. He uses:

• the 2 digits of his birth month reversed (for example, February would be 02 reversed to 20);

• then the age of the children in his class at the start of the year with the digits reversed;

• and finally, the date of his birthday in the month, also reversed.

Which one of the following could not be the code to unlock his door?

A 602124

B 903121

C 701131

D 215150

E 115191

13 It has long been thought that birds are much less intelligent than humans and apes. But now it

seems that some species of birds have the same kind of thinking skills as apes. Crows can

create and use tools and are socially sophisticated when finding and protecting food. So how

can a bird with a walnut-size brain be capable of such achievements? The answer is that both

crows and apes have much bigger brains than you would expect from the size of their bodies.

The same pattern is found in humans, parrots and chimps – all intelligent animals.

Which one of the following can be drawn as a conclusion from the above passage?

A Relative brain size is a better indicator of intelligence than absolute brain size.

B Crows are more intelligent than other species of birds.

C Animals that cannot create tools are not intelligent.

D Apes are not as similar to humans as had been thought.

E It could be argued that birds are as intelligent as apes. 7

14 There is a higher than average risk of death or injury to young drivers and their passengers. In

2007, 32 per cent of car driver deaths and 40 per cent of car passenger deaths were people

aged between 17 and 24. Young male drivers were much more likely to be killed or seriously

injured than young female drivers. So in order to reduce the number of road accidents and the

numbers of people killed or injured, young people should not be allowed to drive until they reach

the age of 24.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which this argument depends?

A Most of the accidents involving young people were the fault of the young drivers.

B Young people would not accept the raising of the legal driving age.

C The driving test does not effectively test the skill of drivers.

D The majority of drivers aged between 17 and 24 drive dangerously.


Amongst drivers aged between 17 and 24 there are more male drivers than female


15 Some disabled people find it difficult to gain access to some of our older public buildings

because the entrances have steps. The problem is most often solved by installing ramps. All

public buildings must be accessible to everyone therefore they must all install ramps.

Which one of the following identifies the flaw in this argument?

A Some older public buildings without ramps may be accessible to disabled people.

B Installing ramps in all public buildings would be extremely expensive.


It is unreasonable to suggest that disabled people should be able to access all public



Disabled people must have access to all buildings not just public ones so all buildings

should have ramps.

E Inaccessible public buildings should be replaced by buildings accessible to all.

16 A street of houses is numbered starting on one side with 1,2,3,4…. At the far end the numbers

continue down the other side in the opposite direction so the largest number is opposite

number 1. The houses are of identical widths so each house has another directly opposite it.

If number 17 is directly opposite number 56, how many houses are there in the street?

A 72

B 37

C 39

D 36

E 73 8

17 A courier starts the day in London and makes two round trips to Prague in the day. When she

arrives at either airport, she takes the next available flight back.

The daily timetable is shown below (all times are local):

London Prague Prague London

depart arrive depart arrive

06:30 09:30 10:10 11:20

09:45 12:45 13:25 14:35

12:30 15:30 16:40 17:50

15:45 18:45 19:55 21:05

How long is the courier’s day from first take-off to last landing?

A 11 hours 20 minutes

B 8 hours 5 minutes

C 8 hours 20 minutes

D 4 hours 50 minutes

E 14 hours 35 minutes

18 My three local supermarkets all currently have offers on my favourite breakfast cereal as


1 Buy one standard pack get a second half price.

2 Price of a standard pack reduced by 1/3.

3 Normal price of a standard pack, pack contains 25% extra.

Which of the offers are equivalent in terms of price per unit amount of cereal?

A none

B 1 and 3 only

C 2 and 3 only

D 1, 2 and 3

E 1 and 2 only 9

19 If the Carnival Committee does not follow the new European regulations then it may be

impossible to guarantee safety. The probable consequence of this would be a heavy fine, which

would severely reduce the carnival fund, and could be disastrous for the committee’s finances.

Either the committee must meet the safety requirements or the future of the carnival may be

under threat.

Which one of the following best expresses the conclusion of this argument?

A If the European regulations are not followed the carnival may not survive.

B Safety at the carnival has reached dangerously low levels.

C Failure to improve safety could result in a heavy fine.

D A heavy fine could mean financial disaster for the carnival.

E If the regulations are followed then the carnival will take place again next year.

20 87% of the world population are right-handed. The human world is organised to make success

in life easier for the majority. Left-handed people should therefore be considered as having a

disability and receive appropriate support.

Which one of the following, if true, weakens this argument?


Amongst top scientists, sportsmen, actors, musicians and politicians the percentage

of left-handed people is much higher than 13%.


Left-handed people have poorer spatial skills which makes them more likely to have

car crashes and other serious accidents.


Left-handed people are more likely to have health problems such as allergies,

depression, epilepsy and sleeping disorders.

D Hand tools, musical instruments and scissors are designed for use by the majority.


Many left-handed people were forced to write with their right hand when they were at

school. 10

21 In North America in the 1800s, arguments were often settled by gunfights, in which two people

stood face to face a distance apart and tried to shoot one another. Recent experiments on

human response times have shown that people act more quickly when responding to an action

than when they are the first to move. This supports the view that our brain uses different routes

in our nervous system to send messages for intentional and reactive movements.

Which one of the following can be drawn as a conclusion from the above passage?

A Gunfighters are best advised to wait for their opponents to move to fire.

B Scientific experiments produce interesting findings.

C Gunfighters who wait for their opponent to move first would always win.

D Brains cannot control our reactive movements.

E Humans can be trained to react more quickly.

22 A taxi driver charges €1.00 per kilometre for the first 3 kilometres of a journey, and 70c per

kilometre for the rest of the journey. I travel home from the train station by taxi. I pay the taxi

driver €10.00 including a tip of 70c.

How far is my house from the station?

A 12 kilometres

B 10 kilometres

C 9 kilometres

D 13 kilometres

E 14 kilometres 11

23 The table below relates to electricity generation in the United Kingdom:

Millions of units (kWh)

Category of Station

1990 1995 2000

Coal, Oil and Gas 242,300 228,500 245,700

Nuclear 37,000 61,100 65,700

Gas Turbines and Oil Engines 500 1,100 400

Hydro-Electric (Natural Flow) 3,900 4,100 5,100

Hydro-Electric (Pumped Storage) 1,200 2,800 2,000

TOTAL 284,900 297,600 318,900

Which category of station made the largest contribution to the increase in total units generated

over the 10 years covered by the table?

A Nuclear

B Coal, Oil and Gas

C Gas Turbines and Oil Engines

D Hydro-Electric (Natural Flow)

E Hydro-Electric (Pumped Storage) 12

24 The pie chart shows the favourite ice cream flavour for a sample of students in a school.

Which one of the rows in the table below could show the number of students who chose each


Vanilla Raspberry Strawberry Chocolate Mint

A 26 61 73 73 37

B 5 34 36 35 10

C 15 29 32 31 13

D 23 41 35 35 16

E 36 55 71 72 36

25 If more workers worked for only four days each week there would be fewer commuters, and

therefore less traffic congestion and less pollution. Also, fewer people would be unemployed

because there would be more work to go around. There is evidence that part-time workers are

absent from work less often than full-time workers, so a person working a four-day week would

be more productive. Less work means less pressure, which means less stress and people

would be happier.

Which one of the following can be drawn as a conclusion from the above passage?

A There would be many benefits to working a four-day week.


There would be less pressure on the health services if most workers were on a fourday week.

C The economy would be more competitive if people worked more productively.

D The government should enforce a four-day working week.

E People choosing to work a four-day week would have to take a 20% pay cut. 13

26 Migratory birds which are unable to fly long distances without resting have to use the shortest

distance over water in their flights to and from Africa, and so they cross at the Straits of

Gibraltar. It is essential for these birds, some of which are very rare, that the route remains

open. For that reason, it is important that plans to build electricity-generating wind farms on the

hills surrounding the Straits of Gibraltar do not go ahead.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which this argument depends?

A The planned wind farms will make it dangerous for migratory birds to use their route.

B Electricity-generating wind farms have to be built on hills.

C The birds that migrate across the Straits of Gibraltar are close to extinction.

D Other species of bird can fly further and can thus use other routes in their migration.

E There are no plans to build wind farms at other places along the coast.

27 When mobile phones were introduced there were concerns about the microwaves produced

and the effects that these could have on the brain, given that phones would be held close to the

ear when being used. These concerns have been shown to be mistaken since mobile phones

are used for sending text messages far more than for making phone calls. Sending a text

message does not require the phone to be anywhere near to the brain so it cannot cause any


Which one of the following identifies the flaw in this argument?

A It ignores the possible effects of the phone calls that are made.


It ignores evidence suggesting that text messaging is only popular in certain age



It does not consider uses of mobile phones other than making phone calls and

sending text messages.


It does not consider other technology such as wireless internet which could cause

similar problems.


It ignores research showing that microwaves from the phones cannot penetrate far

enough to reach the brain. 14

28 I have two cousins. One was born the year before me, on June 3rd. The other was born the

year after me, on April 28th.

My birthday is May 15th.

For how many days each year am I the same age as one or other of my cousins?

A 36

B 35

C 37

D 38

E 39

29 The table shows the number of people aged 20-35, 36-50 and 51-65 who participated in given

sports at a leisure centre on a Sunday morning:

Sport 20-35 36-50 51-65

Swimming 31 42 59

Squash 26 30 44

Aerobics 10 21 30

Tennis 40 35 32

Bowls 6 8 11

Table Tennis 28 32 46

In which of the other sports was the proportion of participants in the three age ranges closest to

that for swimming?

A Bowls

B Aerobics

C Squash

D Table Tennis

E Tennis 15

30 Apples cost 30c each, bananas cost 40c each and oranges cost 50c each. Daniel spends

exactly €2 buying fruit.

Which of the statements below are correct?

1 He cannot have exactly 3 apples.

2 He must have at least one banana.

3 He has 4, 5 or 6 fruits.

4 If he has all 3 types of fruit, he must have fewer apples than bananas and oranges


A 1, 3 and 4 only

B 1, 2 and 4 only

C 1, 2 and 3 only

D 2, 3 and 4 only

E 1, 2, 3 and 4

31 A comparison has been made between fast food restaurants and factories. This is not as

unrealistic as it might first appear. Fast food is mass-produced, as heavily processed as any

other factory product, and restaurant workers have jobs which are just as routine and boring as

those in manufacturing. So not only does fast food taste the same everywhere, but all workers

involved are on low wages and have little power to improve their conditions.

Which one of the following best expresses the conclusion of this argument?

A It is not unrealistic to compare fast food restaurants with factories.

B Mass production in factories leads to poor working conditions.

C Workers who do routine and boring jobs are often poorly paid.

D All fast food tastes the same because it is heavily processed.

E Working in a fast food restaurant is no different from working in a factory. 16

32 Recent research suggests that people are becoming less inclined to follow medical advice

about how to prevent ill-health. They say that there is too much advice and it is often

contradictory. However the general population is living longer and is healthier. This suggests

that people are more aware of what is good for their own health and wellbeing than the medical

profession is.

Which one of the following, if true, weakens this argument?


The health improvements are in areas that exactly match the medical advice given by


B People now have easy access to websites giving information on health.


People believe that they know better than doctors how to improve their own health

and wellbeing.


Advances in medicine have meant that doctors give advice on a wider range of


E Doctors prefer to give advice rather than medication.

33 Over the last twenty years the number of people, including children, classed as overweight, and

therefore at risk of serious health problems, has risen alarmingly. This trend could be caused by

an increase in the amount people eat or by a decrease in the amount of exercise they take.

Most of us exercise less than people did twenty years ago, and the average number of calories

consumed per person is now less than it was twenty years ago. So the increase in the number

of overweight people is clearly caused by lack of exercise. Thus the government does not need

to worry about trying to change people’s diets.

Which one of the following identifies the flaw in this argument?

A Some individuals may have increased their calorie intake.

B Some people may exercise more than the average.

C The government may need to worry about costs to the health service.

D Children may use up more calories through exercise than adults.

E Some individuals may have health problems which cause an increase in weight. 17

34 In 2005, Peter’s age was exactly four times that of his son, Quentin. In 2021, Peter will be

exactly twice Quentin’s age.

What is the difference between their ages?

A 24

B 20

C 16

D 28

E 36

35 I have far too much small change in my pocket: 6 x 1c coins, 3 x 2c coins, 2 x 5c coins, 3 x 10c

coins and 2 x 50c coins.

I want to buy a chocolate bar for 37c using as many coins as possible.

What is the largest number of coins I can use to pay the exact price?

A 12

B 9

C 10

D 5

E 14 18

36 A fishing club wishes to send out a mailing to its 1000 members. All members receive a

magazine (100_g). There are 50 committee members who receive minutes (50_g). A

questionnaire (75_g) will be sent to 100 members. No committee members will be sent a

questionnaire. The envelope used for all mailings weighs 10_g.

The postal rates are:

Up to 120g: 20c

Up to 160g: 30c

Up to 250g: 35c

What is the minimum cost of this mailing?

A € 220 .00

B € 215 .00

C € 67 .00

D € 230 .00

E € 350 .00

37 The general public cannot understand laws and legal documents unless they are written in clear

and simple language. Therefore, the traditional style in which laws and legal documents are

written must change. Citizens in a democracy must be able to understand what their legal rights

and duties are.

Which one of the following best expresses the conclusion of this argument?

A There must be a change in the style in which laws and legal documents are written.

B It is necessary in a democracy for citizens to know their legal rights and duties.


Many laws and legal documents are written in old-fashioned and complicated



The general public can fully understand only those laws and documents written in

simple language.


If citizens can understand laws and legal documents, they will be able to play their

proper role in a democracy. 19

38 Many countries spent billions on vaccines in response to advice that a virus had the potential to

kill millions. These countries are now trying to sell the stockpiles of vaccines which they do not

need. There is concern that advice given by officials may have been influenced by

pharmaceutical companies. Clearly, such companies would have an interest in making sure that

governments spent large quantities of money on vaccines that they produced. It is essential that

an investigation into this matter takes place as soon as possible so that those responsible can

be held to account.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which this argument depends?

A The advice given by officials was not appropriate.

B The pharmaceutical companies influenced the advice given by officials.

C It will not be possible for the stockpiles of vaccines to be sold.

D The pharmaceutical companies misjudged the dangers of the virus.


Groups with financial interests do not advise officials in other areas of decision


39 A chain link has the following dimensions:

If you join six of these links together, and stretch the chain to its full extent, what is the total

length of the chain?

A 28

B 24

C 30

D 32

E 36 20

40 Consider the following statements:

1 There are fewer rats than people.

2 There are not more people than rats.

3 There are at least as many rats as people.

4 There are not more rats than people.

Which two of the above statements are equivalent?

A 2 and 3

B 1 and 4

C 1 and 3

D 2 and 4

E 3 and 4


41 In a DNA sample, the percentage of guanine present was 28%. What is the percentage of

thymine in the sample?

A 22%

B 27%

C 28%

D 44%

E 54%

42 Which property of water is most important when heat is lost from human skin?

A latent heat of vaporisation

B high specific heat capacity

C dipole properties so salts can dissolve in sweat

D boiling point of water

E water density is greatest at 4°C 21

43 What would be the chemical formula of a polysaccharide made up of five glucose monomers?

A C30H52O26

B C6H12O6

C C30H60O30

D C5H10O5

E (CHn-1O)2

44 Which of the features below may be present in both prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic animal


1 glycogen

2 a cell wall

3 DNA in loops

4 cytoplasm containing ribosomes

A 1 and 4 only

B 1 and 2 only

C 1, 2 and 3 only

D 1 only

E none

45 Which is likely to contain the most mitochondria?

A cardiac muscle cell

B lymphocyte (white blood cell)

C red blood cell

D epidermal cell

E cheek cell 22

46 If an animal body cell contained 36 chromosomes, which row in the table is correct?

Chromosome number


Daughter cell made by


Daughter cell made by


A 36 36 18

B 36 18 36

C 18 72 36

D 18 36 72

E 72 18 18

47 A food item was burned in pure oxygen and released 830 kJ of energy. An identical food item of

the same mass was found to produce 8 ATP’s in respiration.

Assuming it takes 31_kJ to produce one ATP molecule, estimate the efficiency of respiration.

A 30%

B 25%

C 10%

D 45%

E 50%

48 The statements below show three stages in glycolysis.

1 2 x 3 carbon compounds

2 6 carbon compound

3 phosphorylated 6 carbon compound

The correct sequence is:

A 2, 3, 1

B 1, 2, 3

C 3, 2, 1

D 1, 3, 2

E 2, 1, 3 23

49 During vigorous exercise a variety of products will be generated in muscle cells.

Which answer correctly lists some of the products?

A water, lactic acid, heat and carbon dioxide

B water, sweat, heat and lactic acid

C usable energy (ATP), carbon dioxide and oxygen

D carbon dioxide, lactic acid and ethanol

E useable energy (ATP), heat, glycogen and carbon dioxide

50 Haemophilia is caused by a recessive allele carried only on the X chromosome.

A carrier female and a non-haemophiliac male decide to have a child.

Which of the following four statements are correct?

1 they have a 25% chance of producing a haemophiliac son

2 they have a 25% chance of producing a haemophiliac daughter

3 they have a 25% chance of producing a carrier son

4 they have a 25% chance of producing a carrier daughter

A 1 and 4 only

B 1 and 2 only

C 2 and 4 only

D 2 and 4 only

E 3 and 4 only 24

51 Cross over values (COV’s) can be considered as the relative distance between genes and are

used to help construct chromosome maps. Four genes, called P, Q, R and S, are found on the

same chromosome. Use the following COV’s to work out the sequence of the four genes.

P to Q = 33 Q to R = 8 R to S = 15 P to S = 10 P to R = 25

The sequence of the genes is






52 In a dihybrid cross between two heterozygous individuals, which is the most likely combination

in their offspring?

A AaBb


C aaBB

D aaBb


53 The base sequence of a section of DNA is shown below.


The maximum number of different amino acids this section codes for is:

A 5

B 4

C 6

D 9

E 18 25

54 Which of the components of DNA listed below are found on the outside of a DNA double helix?

1 Pentose sugar

2 Phosphate

3 Purine bases

4 Pyrimidine bases

A 1 and 2 only

B 3 and 4 only

C 1, 2 and 3 only

D 2, 3 and 4 only

E 1, 2, 3 and 4

55 Which of the following organisms are subject to natural selection?

1 prokaryotes that reproduce asexually

2 single-celled eukaryotes that reproduce sexually

3 organisms living in a changing environment

4 organisms living in a stable environment

A 1, 2, 3 and 4

B 2 and 3 only

C 3 and 4 only

D 1, 2 and 3 only

E 1 and 2 only 26

56 Which adaptation cannot help increase the speed of transmission in a motor neurone?

A synapse

B nodes of Ranvier

C long axon

D presence of an insulating myelin sheath

E greater axon diameter

57 In the process of ventilation the following occur:

1 pressure in thorax increases

2 volume of thorax increases

3 diaphragm goes down

4 ribcage goes down

Which of these occur during inhalation?

A 2 and 3 only

B 1 and 2 only

C 3 and 4 only

D 1 and 3 only

E 2 and 4 only 27

58 Which answer correctly identifies roles of the brain and the pancreas in the normal physiological

regulation of the concentration of glucose in the blood?

Brain Pancreas

A No role

Detects both a decrease and an increase

in blood glucose concentration


Detects an increase in blood glucose


Detects a decrease in blood glucose



Detects both a decrease and an increase

in blood glucose concentration

Secretes either glucagon or insulin


Detects a decrease in blood glucose


Detects an increase in blood glucose


E No role Secretes only insulin


59 Which of the following shows how the atomic radius of the elements changes on crossing from

left to right in the row of the Periodic Table from potassium to bromine?

K to Ca Sc to Zn Ga to Br

A decrease decrease decrease

B decrease decrease increase

C decrease increase decrease

D increase decrease increase

E increase increase increase

60 How many nitrogen electrons are involved in bond formation in HONO2 ?

A 5

B 4

C 3

D 6

E 7 28

61 Which one of the following compounds can be made from ethanol using only a substitution


A Bromoethane

B Ethanal

C Ethanoic acid

D Ethoxyethane

E Ethene

62 An aromatic compound consists of two benzene rings joined together. Which of the following

could be its formula?

1. C10H8 2. C10H10 3. C10H12 4. C12H10 5. C12H12

A 1 and 4

B 2 and 4

C 3 and 4

D 2 and 5

E 3 and 5

63 8.0g of copper oxide is reduced to 5.6g of copper using hydrogen gas.

[relative atomic mass: Cu=64, O=16]

CuO + H2 → Cu + H2O

What is the yield of copper as a percentage of the theoretical maximum?

A 87.5%

B 43.9%

C 56.0%

D 70.0%

E 14.3% 29

64 The positions of some elements in the Periodic Table are shown below.

H He

Li C Ne

Na S Cl

Br Kr

Which two of the elements shown react most energetically with each other?

A Na and Cl

B Ne and Na

C C and He

D Li and Br

E Li and Kr

65 Which one of the following is not an acid/base reaction?

A FeCl3 + 6H2O → Fe(H2O)6


+ 3Cl

B 2NH3 → NH2

+ NH4


C Al(H2O)6


+ H2O → Al(H2O)5(OH)


+ H3O


D CH4 + H(SbF6) → CH5


+ SbF6

E HNO3 + HClO4 → H2NO3


+ ClO4

66 What is the total number of electrons in an ammonium ion, NH4



A 10

B 9

C 8

D 11

E 12 30

67 One group of elements in the Periodic Table contains, in descending order, boron, aluminium,

gallium, indium and thallium. Which of the following are correct about these elements?

1 Indium forms the oxide In2O3

2 Boron is the least reactive element in the group

3 Gallium forms the sulphate GaSO4

A 1 and 2

B 1 only

C 1 and 3

D 2 and 3

E 1, 2 and 3

68 Sodium chloride (relative molecular mass = 58.5) has a solubility of 36.0 g per 100 g of water.

The density of the solution is 1.13 g/ml. Which of the following calculations would give the

solubility in moles per litre?

A 36.0 x 1000 x 1.13/(58.5 x 136)

B 36.0 x 1000/(58.5 x 1.13)

C 36.0 x 10 x 1.13/58.5

D 36.0 x 10 x 1.13/(58.5 x 136)

E 36.0 x 10/58.5

69 Which one of the following is not an oxidation/reduction reaction?

A NaCl + H2SO4 → NaHSO4 + HCl

B Cl2 + H2O → HCl + HClO

C KClO4 → KCl + 2O2

D 2Fe + 3Cl2 → 2 FeCl3

E The electrolysis of sodium chloride solution 31

Physics and Mathematics

70 Which one of the following is not an example of simple harmonic motion?

A The motion of a ball bouncing on the floor.

B The ripples produced when a stone is dropped into a tank of water.

C A weight moving up and down at the end of a spring.

D The motion of the Moon around the Earth as observed from Mars.

E A vibrating violin string.

71 A uniform bar of length 2.0m and weight 1000 N has its centre of gravity at its centre. The bar is

pivoted in the position shown, and supports a weight of 200 N in the position shown in the


What weight is needed at position P to balance the bar?

A 1600N

B 800N

C 1000N

D 600N

E 1800N






Metal bar 32

72 Which of the following systems has an overall entropy closest to zero?

A A satellite in orbit 25000km above the Earth.

B A weight moving up and down on a spring.

C The evaporation of ether at room temperature.

D An object in free fall when it has reached terminal velocity.

E A metal object being rapidly electroplated.

73 Three resistors are connected to a 20V battery with a constant supply. One of the resistors

is a variable resistor.

The resistance of the variable resistor is gradually increased from zero to 5 Ω.

Which graph shows how the current from the battery varies with the resistance (R) of the

variable resistor?






0 5








0 5








0 5








0 5








0 5


R/Ω 33

74 An object of mass 50 g just floats in a liquid of density 2.5 g/ml. When the object is placed in a

liquid of density 2.0 g/ml, it sinks to the bottom of the container. What is the force that the object

exerts on the bottom of the container?

[ g = 10m/s


= 10N/kg ]

A 0.1N

B 0.4N

C 10N

D 40N

E 400N

75 The law of gravitation states that the gravitational force between two bodies of mass m1 and m2

is given by:


1 2


Gm m

F =

G (gravitational constant) = 7 x10






r (distance between the two bodies) in the case of the Earth and Moon = 4 x 10



m1 (Earth) = 6 x 10



m2 (Moon) = 7 x 10



What is the gravitational force between the Earth and the Moon?

A 1.8375 x 10



B 1.8375 x 10



C 1.8375 x 10



D 1.8375 x 10



E 1.8375 x 10


N 34

76 David has two boxes containing shapes.

In box A there are 4 stars and 2 hearts.

In box B there are 2 stars and 1 heart.

David takes, at random, a shape from box A and puts it into box B.

He then takes a shape from box B.

What is the probability that this shape is a star?
















77 Which of the expressions below has the largest value for 0 < x < 1?




B x



( ) 1+ x





E x

78 How many different integers, n, are there such that the difference between 2 n and 7 is less

than 1?

A 6

B 2

C 4

D 0

E 8 35

79 The graph below shows the line joining A (2,1) and B (6,3), and its perpendicular bisector

(shown dashed: ———-).

Which of the following is the equation of the dashed line?

A y = 10 – 2x

B y = 2x – 6

C y = 2x – 10

D y = 4 –



E y = 4 – 2x 36

80 A square piece of metal has a semicircular piece cut out of it as shown. The area of the

remaining metal is 100cm



Which of the following is a correct expression of the length of the side of the square in cm?




8 −π




4 −π




8 +π








4 −π 

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